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Tea List



We have 100 different types of loose leaf tea from various parts of the world, purchased from the sustainable tea prodicers. Not sure how to choose? Keep reading to learn more about our teas, but don't worry - if you can't decide, just ask our servers about thier favorites!

Classic Black & Flavored

Flavoured black teas are 100% natural.

  • Apricot
  • Black Currant
  • Blueberry
  • Cinnamon Market Spice
  • Chai
  • Chocolate Chai
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Cream Earl Grey
  • Early Grey
  • Decaf Early Grey
  • English Breakfast (pure black)
  • Decaf English Breakfast
  • Grand Marnier
  • Hazelnut Vanilla
  • Irish Breakfast
  • Lapsang (smoked flavour)
  • Maple
  • Monks
  • Decaf Orange Spice
  • Pomegranate Vanilla
  • Raspberry
  • Vanilla Cream


Classic Green

Flavoured green teas use premium fruit or flower pieces, 100% natural.

  • Japanese Sencha (high quality plain green)
  • Blueberry Green
  • Early Grey Green
  • Ginger Green
  • Apple Green Tea
  • Decaf Japanese Sencha


Classic All Fruit & Herbal

  • Almond Madagascar Spice (cinnamon, almond, apple)
  • Bingo Blueberry
  • Chamomile
  • Lady Hannah (strawberry & lemon)
  • Peppermint
  • Strawberry Kiwi


Black Specialty

  • Bamboo Temple Yunnan (tippy leaf, full bodied taste & subtle sweetness)
  • Baroness Grey (lemon & Earl Grey)
  • Blue Lady
  • Bukhial (Assam, orange pekoe, 2500 ft, airy & malty)
  • Golden Monkey (full bodied, malty, great with milk, 4800ft)
  • Happy Valley (Darjeeling, 6800ft, stunning tea, toast, wine, peach)
  • Illam (Nepal, 7000ft, light slightly green )
  • Jun Chiyabari (Nepal, comparable to top Darjeeling, heavenly delight)
  • Keemun Hoa Ya A (Queen’s favourite, rich aroma & complex taste, extremely rare)
  • Mango Mist
  • Margaret’s Hope (Darjeeling 2nd flush tippy golden orange pekoe, hint of currant)
  • Mim Dari (Darjeeling, good body, limited production)
  • Non Such (Darjeeling, orange blossom, best early morning tea)
  • Sikkim Temi (Himalaya, delicate flower taste, 7000ft very difficult growing region)
  • Soom 1st Flush (Darjeeling, 5300ft, top quality 1st flush)
  • St-Coombs (flower, good body, takes milk well)
  • Tarajulie (Assam, full bodied with good flavour)


White Specialty

  • 100 Monkeys (legend says, it wards of evil spirits, handmade, excellent tea)
  • Kenya Nandi Safari (handmade, exotic floral notes)
  • Ontario Ice-wine (smooth, light Riesling and berry notes)
  • Pai Mu Tan (naturally withered, smooth velvety flavour)
  • Rare Adam’s Peak (hand rolled, notes of pine & honey, 8000ft)
  • White Mischief (’s a secret)


Herbal Specialty

  • Ginger Lemon (lemon grass & real ginger)
  • Gynostemma (mild grassy turning to a natural sweetness, Chinese drink it for energy & long life)
  • Lemon Grass
  • Yerba Mate (used in Latin America as a pick me up, high in trace minerals)
  • Tropical Fruit


Oolong Specialty

  • Hunan Red Oolong (toasty flavour, full bodied)
  • Orange Blossom Oolong (wildly exotic, fruity jasmine)
  • Orchid Oolong (pale green, exquisite floral notes)
  • Formosa Oolong (smooth slightly sweet)
  • Phoenix #1 Iron Goddess of Mercy (delicate orchid notes, light)


Green Specialty

Flavoured green teas use premium fruit or flower pieces, 100% natural.

  • Blue Mango Green (mangos with sencha)
  • Bohemian Raspberry Green (lovely flavour)
  • Dragon Pearls (hand rolled, smooth, top 2 leaves of bud in 1st 3 weeks of new season)
  • Earthly Paradise Jasmine (full intense flavour, steamed Chinese tea)
  • Fukujyu (1st & 2nd flush, bright green)
  • Genmaicha (light sweet with toasty rice notes)
  • Golden Mountain Needle (China, sweet honey flavour, last 2 weeks of March)
  • Gyokuro (shade grown, steamed full flavoured)
  • Hermes Orange Green (sweet orange, steamed sencha green)
  • Hojicha Roasted Green (full flavoured, cinnamon toast notes)
  • Imperial Keemun (winey, juicy very clean cup, enhanced by milk)
  • Kyoto Cherry Rose Organic (cherry with strong green tea)
  • Lavender Butterfly (lavender honey notes)
  • Leopard Snow buds (handmade exquisite Chinese tea)
  • Strawberry Green (strawberry pie)
  • Madam Butterfly (handmade layer of jasmine pedals with green tea rolled)
  • Pearl Drop Morning Dew (hand sorted, 7000ft, flowery honey like, strong for green tea)
  • Snowy Mountain Jiam (China, good for black tea drinkers who want to try green)
  • Steamed Darjeeling (2nd flush, delicate flavour)
  • White Monkey Paw (China, top 2 leaves of the bud picked early morning, exquisite hand made, smooth delicate flavour)


Rooibos Specialty

African Red Bush caffeine free, high in polyphenols, iron, calcium & other trace minerals.

  • Bora Bora Mango
  • Vanilla Rooibos
  • Chocolate Mint (great on a cold day)
  • Crème au Caramel (toffee luxury rooibos)
  • Dutch Liquorice (even those who don’t like liquorice will enjoy this, good for digestion)
  • Mocha Rocha (chocolate almond, coffee)
  • Plain Rooibos (natural sweet flavour)
  • Provence (currants, berries, lavender)
  • Strawberry Tingle
  • Pear (sweet ripe pear dried & added to rooibos)


Photos by Sean Frith and Alex Taylor